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‘Chappelle’s Show’ Over, According to Producer

Comedian Dave Chappelle‘s hit comedy show will never return to TV screens,
according to his collaborator Charlie Murphy.

Funnyman Chappelle sparked rumors about his mental health in April,
when he suddenly walked away from his Chappelle’s Show and travelled to
South Africa.

And while speculation has been rife about when the show will return, Murphy,
brother of Eddie Murphy and a writer and co-star on the series, insists the
project is over. He says, “I don’t think Dave is going to do any more.

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“We shot about eight shows for the third season. They’ll be released on DVD,
I’m sure. But that’s it.”

Chappelle, who turns 33 this month had claimed that his “spiritual
retreat” to South Africa was because, despite its success, he wasn’t happy with
the direction of his show, blaming bosses’ “resistance” to his opinions.

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