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Charlie Sheen asks for child support reduction

Charlie Sheen is reportedly seeking to reduce his monthly child support payments to his ex-wife Brooke Mueller.
The former Two and a Half Men star currently pays $55,000 (£34,375) a month for the couple’s six-year-old twins, Bob and Max, but Sheen claims his income has decreased dramatically since the agreement was made. The pair married in 2008, but split in 2011.
In court documents obtained by editors at People.com, the actor reveals he made $613,000 (£430,675) a month while working on hit sitcom Two and a Half Men, which he left in 2011. The child support agreement with Mueller was made in the same year.
Sheen recently sold his rights to the comedy show for $26.7 million (£16.7 million), but insists he cannot keep up with the child support payments due to his other monthly expenses, including $25,000 (£15,625) a month in medical costs after his HIV diagnosis.
He alleges he now makes an average of $87,384 (£54,615) a month, but he also has legal fees amounting to nearly $1 million (£625,000), as well as $600,000 ($375,000) in credit card debt.
Last month (Feb16), during an appearance on America’s The Dr. Oz Show, Sheen admitted he would also like to reduce the amount of child support he pays to his second ex-wife Denise Richards, for their daughters Sam, 11, and Lola, 10.
Revealing that he also pays Richards $55,000 a month, he said, “We came up with a number a long time ago and I had a great job and everybody was living large. and that’s not the case right now, but there’s still that expectation to still keep paying this kind of money.”
“At some point you just can’t justify it, especially when there’s no gratitude behind it – none,” he continued, referring to his strained relationship with Richards. “I would send somebody flowers every hour if I got that kind of dough tax free.”
A hearing for Sheen’s request to reduce his child support payments is due to be held on 13 April (16).

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