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Charlie Sheen feeling the public’s love after HIV admission

Charlie Sheen is receiving messages of love from members of the public after speaking out about living with the HIV virus.
The Wall Street star revealed he was HIV positive in an emotional TV interview last year (15), and believes he has become a high profile advocate for those suffering with the disease.
As a result, the reformed wildman says he has been inundated by people reaching out to him to say thank you for speaking out.
“I’m really proud there is now a dialogue,” the actor tells the Daily Mirror newspaper. “When people reach out to me, those are the moments that really matter. I get a lot of mail and people coming up to me in the street saying thank you. A lot of it is love. It’s pretty cool. This stuff matters. This is real life, it’s not movies, it’s more important.”
Since his diagnosis, Charlie has spoken about his experience of living with HIV, confessing anxiety following his diagnosis prompted him to abuse alcohol.
He has also called for the drugs used by HIV positive people to be made more affordable, citing the cost of his own medication as beyond the reach of many people.
However the Hollywood veteran has also been able to joke about his HIV positive status, appearing at Elton John’s Oscars AIDS fundraiser on Sunday (28Feb16) in a T-shirt bearing the legend, “Stay positively negative”.
Joking that he may be under dressed for the event, Charlie told U.S. news outlet KABC-TV, “If somebody said, ‘You’re not wearing a tie…’ Well, I’m at an AIDS event and I brought my HIV.”

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