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Charlie Sheen: ‘Testosterone overload caused tiger blood rants’

Charlie Sheen has blamed his bizarre rants in 2011 on taking too much testosterone.
The 50-year-old actor hit headlines when he was fired from Two and a Half Men in 2011 and went on a series of rants against the show and its creator Chuck Lorre, who he called a “clown” and a “turd”. In addition, in February that year Charlie said in a Today interview that he didn’t need to go to rehab because the manual for Alcoholics Anonymous was “written for normal people, people that aren’t special, people that don’t have tiger blood, you know, Adonis DNA.”
Now Charlie, who announced his HIV positive status last November (15), has revealed that overdoing it on the steroid hormone testosterone was to blame.
“That was a very specific period of time that did feel very out-of-body and very just detached from all things real,” Charlie says in an interview on The Dr. Oz Show due to air on Wednesday (24Feb16). “I felt superhuman during some of that.
“It was a lot of highs and lows. I was taking a lot of testosterone cream, and I think I went too far with it. It was kind of like a borderline . . . not a (ste)roid rage, but a (ste)roid disengage.”
More of the fighting talk during that period included Charlie boasting “I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen. It’s not available, because if you try it once, you will die”, “you can’t process me with a normal brain” and “they picked a fight with a warlock”.
He even coined a live tour from his behaviour at the time, entitled My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option, but admits he “cringes a little” looking back on that.
“It was nice to give people a bunch of slogans and T-shirts and all that. (But) the rest of it was a lot of work.” he said. “There were things about that person that were empowering, that were vibrant… but I didn’t like the anger. I tend to be victimised by my anger at times.”
At this time, Charlie filed a $100 million lawsuit against Lorre and Warner Bros. Television, the broadcasters of Two and a Half Men. This was later settled.

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