Charlize Theron rules out stage roles

The blonde beauty has wowed fans in such films as The Cider House Rules and Monster, but she confesses she’s left terrified by the prospect of live theatre.

She tells Interview magazine, “I’m just not made for that kind of live audience where you don’t create a fourth wall. I take my hat off to those guys. It’s not disconnected enough for me… Some people are good at performing in front of people like that, but I’m uncomfortable at it. I think maybe that’s the difference between acting and being a performer… As soon as there are 200 people in a theatre watching me, I get really scared.”

And Theron admits she’s previously turned down offers from her Young Adult director pal Jason Reitman to participate in his famed theatrical readings at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art – because she can’t stand the pressure.

She adds, “I’ve even said to Jason, ‘I will jump off a building for you, but I will not do that.'”