Charlize Theron’s baby ‘freaked out’ on plane


Charlize Theron‘s baby son Jackson “freaked out” when she took him on a commercial airliner for the first time — because the six-month-old boy is already accustomed to private planes and first-class travel.

The Oscar-winning actress has previously told how she jetted around with the world with Jackson from the moment she adopted him, as she was in the middle of her hectic promotional schedule for Snow White and the Huntsman.

It means the tot has already visited Japan, Spain, France and Germany in his young life — but his jet set lifestyle has had an unexpected consequence.

Monster star Theron tells U.K. talk show host Graham Norton, “There has been a lot of travelling and stuff and he came with me on tour and did the whole of Europe and Japan. We were really spoilt and went everywhere by private jet. I want to keep him humble so I told this newborn, ‘This is not the norm’ — and he did great until we took the first commercial flight and he just freaked out!”

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