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Charlotte Church rebooting Little Mermaid

Charlotte Church is creating a new stage version of children’s classic The Little Mermaid with a political message at its heart.
The former child star has co-created The Last Mermaid with musicians Jonathan Powell and Sion Trefor, and plans to perform as part of the show at the Festival of Voice in Cardiff, Wales in June (16).
Charlotte hopes the production will make audiences focus on social issues, including inequality and the environment.
“There is so much noise, there is so much information with the internet and the way our modern world is now, does that give us more of a voice?” She tells Britain’s Guardian newspaper. “With this production we wanted to tackle challenging issues affecting our world in a way that is optimistic and hopeful.”
The singing star has a special connection to the Little Mermaid as the first song she ever performed in public as a child was Part of Your World, a song from the Disney musical film version of the fairytale.
However, she says that her own version of the story will not be a traditional production, adding, “It is not musical theatre, it’s not really an opera, it has lots of contemporary classical elements and electronica. I have never seen anything like we’re trying to do, so if we achieve it, it will be great.”
Hans Christian Andersen’s tale is very much in vogue right now, with two film adaptations of The Little Mermaid in pre-production.
One features movie veteran Shirley Maclaine, Poppy Drayton and Loreto Peralta, while If I Stay star Chloe Grace Moretz will play the titular mermaid in a live-action version of the story, directed by filmmaker Rebecca Thomas.

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