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Chastain bets Spencer a spa day she’ll win an Oscar

The actress initially bet Spencer $1,000 (£625) she’d win a Golden Globe on a flight to the awards show – but she felt guilty about cashing in the bet because her co-star was such a huge favourite.

And now she’s the clear favourite to win an Oscar, Chastain has offered to take her to a spa after the awards season is over.

She tells Celebuzz.com, “In the very beginning we were traveling from New York to L.A. and it was before the Golden Globes. We’re sitting there, and Octavia, who is so humble and beautiful, never thought she was going to win anything. I was like, ‘Honey, you’re taking it all! I bet you you’re going to win the Golden Globe.’ She was like ‘Oh no, I’m not.’ I said, ‘OK, I bet you $1,000!’

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“Octavia took the bet and then about two minutes later I tried to get rid of the bet because I would not be able to take money from her. I felt so guilty! I felt like I set her up to give me money because she was obviously going to win!

“Instead we bet a spa day. So we’re going to do a spa day once all this is over. That will be our bet for Oscar Sunday.”

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