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Cher spent time in Catholic orphanage as a child

Cher briefly spent time in a Catholic orphanage when she was a child, while her mother Georgia Holt was struggling to make ends meet. Holt, who considered having an abortion after she fell pregnant with the future pop icon, divorced the Believe hitmaker’s father, John Sarkisian, when Cher was a baby.
Just 20 at the time, Holt temporarily placed Cher under the care of nuns, who looked after the singer while her mother got back on her feet, and the 66 year old admits it’s still a sensitive subject in the family.
In her upcoming U.S. TV documentary Dear Mom, Love Cher, which is set to air in America on Monday (06May13), Cher says, “I heard the abortion story when I was a teenager. The orphanage story has been a touchy one for my mum her whole life, and she didn’t want to talk about it. I said, ‘Mum, why didn’t you just march in and take me?’
“She said, ‘I didn’t have the power. I didn’t have any money or a job, and the church was so strong. I’d go see you every day and you’d be crying. You don’t know what it was like.’ It was harder for women then.”
But Cher insists she’s not ashamed to speak about her troubled upbringing, and, if she could turn back time – like the title of one of her hits, she wouldn’t change a thing: “What’s anyone going to do to me now? So I come from a poor white trash background. It doesn’t make any difference.”

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