Cheyenne Jackson gets tattoo tribute to late dog

The 30 Rock star’s adopted pet Rottweiler mix, nine-year-old Zora, died in his arms in March (12) after losing his battle with cancer, and now the actor has gotten the first letter of the mutt’s name inked on his right forearm in honour of his beloved pooch.

He tells the Associated Press, “That’s exactly where her heart stopped beating. It was so life changing for (husband) Monte and I both that I just thought, ‘I need to honour that spot with something.'”

Jackson and his physicist partner Monte Lapka have since helped heal their heartache by taking in a new shelter pup named Brillo, who was brought to their attention by Broadway veteran and longtime animal activist Bernadette Peters.

Jackson isn’t the only celebrity to get a tattoo tribute to their tragic pet – actress Jennifer Aniston got the name of her Welsh Corgi-Terrier mix, Norman, permanently etched on her right foot last year (11).