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Chris Brown and Trey Songz puzzled by Bow Wow’s fame boast

Chris Brown and Trey Songz have been left baffled after rapper Bow Wow publicly took credit for the R&B stars’ success.
Bow Wow made the controversial claims during an interview on New York radio station Hot 97 on Thursday (11May17), insisting he gave a string of stars their big breaks by recruiting them for his annual Scream tours in the early 2000s.
“They (fans) wouldn’t even know half these guys that they love today if it wasn’t for the (Scream) platform,” he boasted. “We put Trey Songz on his first tour ever. I put Omarion on his first tour ever. I put Chris Brown on his first tour ever, which was the Scream tour. Ciara… first tour ever was that (Scream).
“Not to say they owe me anything,” he continued, “I love to put people in positions to watch them succeed.”
The Like You rapper, who also dated Ciara, was challenged over his comments on air, but he stood by his declaration and even repeated the claims moments later in a video post on social media.
It didn’t take long for some of the name-checked artists to respond to the remarks.
Trey took to Instagram to share a photo of himself with his hand over his mouth in a quizzical fashion, and captioned it, “So Bow said what now?”, while Chris suggested, “Somebody take bow phone (sic),” as he commented on a Baller Alert report of the radio interview online.
Chris’ response also appears to poke fun at Bow Wow’s social media embarrassment earlier this week (ends12May17), after he was ridiculed online for suggesting he was travelling to New York in luxury after posting a photo of a private jet, only to be caught on camera sleeping while on a commercial flight on the same day.

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