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Chris Cornell’s widow pens heartbreaking letter to late star

Chris Cornell’s widow has poured her heart out to the late rocker in an emotional open letter a week after he committed suicide.
The Soundgarden frontman took his own life following a performance in Detroit, Michigan on 17 May (17), and his wife Vicky has subsequently blamed his prescription medication for clouding his judgement, insisting he showed no signs of being suicidal when she spoke to him shortly after the gig.
Now Vicky has shared her heartache in a message to the tragic star, addressing the late 52-year-old as “My Sweet Christopher” and praising him as “the best father, husband and son-in-law”.
The mother-of-two goes on to apologise to the recovering drug and alcohol addict for failing to recognise his troubles and seek him for him before it was too late, just like she had done in the past.
“You had always said I saved you, that you wouldn’t be alive if it were not for me…,” she writes in the essay published by Billboard.com. “We had the time of our lives in the last decade and I’m sorry, my sweet love, that I did not see what happened to you that night. I’m sorry you were alone, and I know that was not you, my sweet Christopher. Your children know that too, so you can rest in peace.”
Vicky admits she is “broken” by the loss of her soulmate, but vows to “stand up” in his memory and promises to “take care of our beautiful babies” until their paths cross again.
Expressing her undying love for Chris, she concludes, “I love you more than anyone has ever loved anyone in the history of loving and more than anyone ever will.”
Meanwhile, tributes for the late rocker continue to pour in, with Alice Cooper raving about working with Cornell.
“We could pick a voice for each song, the way a guitarist might pick either a Fender Strat or a Gibson Les Paul,” the veteran rock star tells Billboard. “To go from Unholy War to Stolen Prayer (from 1994 album The Last Temptation) together, two entirely different songs, proved his range, his versatility, in both writing and singing.
“In every genre of music there are exceptional people, and whereas that Seattle movement had its own distinct sound, he could do that and so much more. Working with Chris was, for me, effortless. When we got together to write it seemed like either he was in my band or I was in his.”
And Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale reveals he enjoyed his private chats with the quiet Soundgarden frontman “in dressing rooms at different festivals”, revealing they ran into each other quite a bit because Chris shared a manager with Gavin’s ex-wife Gwen Stefani.
“We had these parallel lives as parents with jobs as singers,” Rossdale says. “That’s really dominated my whole thought process, just thinking of his family, his great wife and children. You wish he had found a way to reach out to whoever there was in his life that could help him.”
“He was one of the greatest rock singers ever… and he was such a plaintive singer, that’s what I love about him. I suppose he found solace in music and in singing, which I relate to… He always found a way to put melody over hard riffs, and so much of the time, people play hard riffs and then they dog bark their way through it, scream and stuff. With Chris, there was this innate, beautiful melody and beautiful words that anyone with any degree of sensitivity could relate to and did.”
Jane’s Addiction star Dave Navarro is really struggling with Cornell’s death, because so many of his peers have now died: “I just can’t believe that all these people I came up with are gone: Scott (Weiland), Kurt (Cobain), Layne (Staley), now Chris,” he says. “All my friends are dying. How is it possible?”
“I remember in 2003 Jane’s Addiction was on tour with Audioslave for Lollapalooza, and Chris and I were both clean from drugs and alcohol and we invited kids from treatment centres at different spots in the country to hang out backstage and just show them you can do what we do and enjoy touring and the music without being loaded,” he adds.
“That’s what makes this so very hard to wrap my head around. This is a guy who was involved in making the world a better place for people.”

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