Chris Pratt Braids His Wife’s Hair Every Night Before Bed

Chris Pratt, Anna Faris

Movie hunk Chris Pratt has mastered the art of braiding his wife’s hair.

The Jurassic World star’s sister taught him how to fix her hair when he was growing up, and now he loves to spend quality time with his actress wife Anna Faris, just teasing her tresses.

“I would braid Anna’s hair at night,” the 37-year-old tells InStyle magazine. “It was a nice little ritual. But her hair started breaking off at the top of the braid because she was sleeping on it.”

Faris’ mum came to the rescue and suggested her daughter might like a French braid instead, insisting it “might distribute the pressure”.

“She taught me when we were in Hawaii shooting Jurassic World,” Pratt beams.

Chris has been named the publication’s 2016 Man of Style, and he credits his wife for giving him a fashion makeover that has helped him turn heads and get noticed in Hollywood.

“She’s effortlessly stylish,” he says of the actress, “but when we met, I think she appreciated that I was a guy who wore, like, cargo shorts and a T-shirt from Cabela’s. That was my staple wardrobe for a really long time.

“Now I’m a little more cognisant of my choices. I don’t just passively have stylists put whatever they want on me. I pay attention.”

Chris admits he grew up shopping at thrift stores, where “loggers and mill workers” passed on their used clothes.

“The stuff that was donated was generally flannels, old boots, and jeans…” he adds. “But I didn’t go the grunge route. I went more for silk Hawaiian T-shirts and bell-bottom jeans.”