Chris Rock Wants More ‘Pootie Tang’

Funnyman Chris Rock is urging fans of his cult comedy Pootie Tang to launch an
internet invasion in a bid to get a sequel to the quirky 2001 movie.

Rock, who played a trio of roles in the first film, is desperate to get
started on a follow-up, but he needs fans to get active in order to convince
studio heads a follow-up is a good idea.

He tells website Echoonline.Com, “We keep talking about it. I don’t know,
man. You’ve got to start a club. Get some people to sign a petition.

“It’s weird. There are some people who love Pootie Tang and then there are
other people who hate Pootie Tang with a passion and want to destroy Mr Tang.

“I would love to do another Pootie Tang. I live to do another Pootie Tang.”

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