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Chrisette Michele ‘deeply sorry’ for performing at U.S. President Trump’s inauguration

Chrisette Michele has apologised to fans for performing at controversial U.S. President Donald Trump’s inauguration earlier this year (17).
The R&B star didn’t hesitate when she was asked to sing for Trump, and previously insisted she was never going to back down, even after criticism from the African-American community prompted Jennifer Holliday to drop out of the event in January. She also insisted the Trump gig was a big deal for her, because she wanted to make a stand for black women.
However, she now admits she has “regrets” over performing.
“I regret everything that happened,” she told U.S. radio show The Breakfast Club. “I think that was a bad choice. There’s always got to be some sense of hope. That message on that stage was the wrong time and the wrong place, and I apologise deeply for the people that I hurt…”
“I made a bad decision,” she later added. “I did something that hurt a lot of people. It was offensive. While that wasn’t my intention, it’s what happened, and for that, I’m deeply sorry.”
Michele recently opened up about suffering a miscarriage and she feels the stress of the controversy may have led to her losing her baby.
“Literally, the stress of being an artist sometimes is a lot,” she said. “But the stress of Trump becoming the president, the stress of me being so associated with someone who I don’t support, the stress of the hatred online, and then the stress of me wondering if I ever want to sing again, I think that had a lot to do with the stress on my body.”

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