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Chrissy Teigen hopes baby comes early

John Legend’s pregnant wife Chrissy Teigen is praying their first child arrives early because she is terrified of giving birth to a big baby.
The couple is expecting a little girl and the mum-to-be is convinced she will be going into labour before her due date of mid-April rolls around.
“I have a countdown going, I’m due mid-April, that’s what we’re saying, but I think I’m gonna go early,” she predicted on U.S. cooking show The Chew.
“I was very early, that’s why I haven’t quite developed yet!” she joked, before continuing, “No, I think I’m gonna go early, my mum (was born early), our family, we’ve all come early, so hopefully. I’m praying for that because I’ve heard some horror stories about the big babies!”
The self-confessed foodie-turned-recipe book writer has been enjoying the pregnancy experience, but Chrissy admits trying to eat now she’s inching ever closer to her due date has proved to be painfully difficult.
“Early on, I really was very specific with things that I wanted,” she recalled of her pregnancy cravings. “Then in the middle, the second trimester, I was eating just whatever was there, whatever was around. Now, it’s whatever fits (comfortably in her stomach)!”
However, she is already starting to learn all about her daughter’s food likes and dislikes while still in mum’s belly: “I do notice that she really goes crazy for certain things, like, she’ll start kicking if I have a popsicle or a mango or something, then some things she kind of sleeps a bit (if she doesn’t like it),” Chrissy revealed.
The aches and pains of pregnancy have also caused the beauty to rethink her diet, and she’s had to cut out a lot of her favourite eats, especially spicy dishes and junk food.
“I can’t (indulge in spicy food anymore), I was going crazy!” she exclaimed. “I have acid reflux now… I had a piece of pizza last night and I swear, it’s still punishing me! It’s the worst!”

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