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Chrissy Teigen warns of daunting dating world

Chrissy Teigen can’t believe how impressed fans are by the “simple things” John Legend does for her, taking it as proof the dating world is a tough one.
The 30-year-old model is married to the 37-year-old singer, and the pair is currently expecting their first child, a little girl, together. Their easy relationship and happiness to share their life with fans has led to many citing them as the kind of couple they’d like to be, which makes Chrissy laugh.
“I think it’s really sweet and also shows me that dating must be really hard out there now because sometimes he will do, like, the simplest thing and people will be like, ‘GOOOAALS,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, is it that rough out there?'” she laughed to elle.com. “I mean, obviously, he’s so wonderful and he takes such good care of me and it’s amazing to me that some of these ‘goals’ could be just eating pizza in bed. Like, you can have that. That’s easy.”
Chrissy doesn’t mean to sound rude, as she loves that people take an interest in her and John. She’s known for being open about their relationship – Chrissy previously opened up about the struggle they had to conceive – and believes this is why so many enjoy hearing about her and her husband.
“We love showing that there can be just a normal, healthy relationship, that’s not built off of hating each other and passive aggressive remarks through Instagram,” she said. “You know how you see those weird relationships online now? You don’t know if they’re off or if they’re on – it’s just so weird. I think people appreciate a good, healthy relationship and so we love sharing that.”
Chrissy and John attended the Oscars together on Sunday (28Feb16), with the model donning a skin-tight burgundy Marchesa dress. She also opted for some heels, which she quickly regretted after they left her with feet like “two basketballs”.

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