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Christian Louboutin is the father of twin girls – report

Christian Louboutin is reportedly the father of fraternal twin girls.
The French fashion designer, famous for his footwear with red-lacquered soles, doesn’t typically shine the spotlight on his private life.
However, in a new profile in the Wall Street Journal about the 52-year-old’s home in Portugal, it is revealed that he has become a parent in recent years.
“(At) his compound of low-slung whitewashed bungalows is set off a dirt road outside of Melides, a beach village just south of the resort town of Comporta, which Louboutin used to frequent before it became a popular destination,” the article reads. “Louboutin’s curly-haired daughters, fraternal twins, now nearly two years old, toddle around happily.”
No other detail about the children is given. But the feature does describe how a large desk in an atelier inside Louboutin’s home is “flanked by baby furniture”.
Furthermore, the article goes on to reveal that Louboutin is currently single, having split from his long-time partner, landscape designer Louis Benech. The pair had been in a relationship since 1997.
But Louboutin is comfortable speaking about the continuing expansion of his business globally, which has grown to include beauty and perfume lines.
At present, the designer has about 400 points of sale worldwide, as well as 131 stand-alone Christian Louboutin boutiques, with plans to add a further 12 next year (17). And while many companies have come to him proposing licences over the years for products including eyewear and fashion, he refused them all.
“Legitimacy is a big thing for me,” he explained. “And I want to work on the product. My goal is to do something I’m proud of. As long as you drive something to the end and do it your way, you’ll always be proud. If it’s successful, even better.”

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