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Christian Slater wants TV job with Kelly Ripa

Actor Christian Slater has offered his services as U.S. TV personality Kelly Ripa’s new talk show sidekick.
Slater wants to have two jobs; his current one as a star of TV series Mr. Robot and as co-host on former soap actress Ripa’s New York-based morning talk show, Live With Kelly!
Christian revealed he wanted to be a part of the talk show during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday (06Oct16) and the audience wildly applauded.
“I love it,” he said. “And I mean it’s so great! I live six blocks away from there (studio). It’s right in the city. It’s one of the greatest jobs ever. I love her (Ripa). She’s amazing.”
The Golden Globe-winning actor was asked by DeGeneres if he was really serious about the job.
The actor responded, “Hey Kelly, let’s do it. I can absolutely handle both jobs, yeah. I am putting my hat in the ring. I am coming. I’ll be there.”
Slater was once one of America’s biggest heartthrobs, appearing in cult movies like Heathers, Interview With the Vampire, Pump Up the Volume, and True Romance.

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