Christina Aguilera upset she missed Cardi B’s fight with Nicki Minaj


Christina Aguilera wishes she’d had a “front row seat” to Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s brawl, which broke out while she was performing at a star-studded Harper’s Bazaar bash on Friday (07Sep18).

The two stars clashed at the New York Fashion Week party after Cardi accused the Super Bass hitmaker of disrespecting her and her baby daughter, Kulture, and allegedly threw a shoe at her.

Party guests, like model Tess Holliday, claim Christina was performing her hit Genie in a Bottle when the drama went down, revealing Cardi was escorted out of the bash wearing one shoe.
Aguilera now admits she had no idea the stars were facing off while she was onstage.

“I wish I would have seen this juiciness go down!” she said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday (12Sep18). “I’m so that person who’s like, ‘What’s going on? What happened?’

“When I got offstage, it took a while for me to actually find out. We got off stage and I didn’t feel like there was any drama. We went to a hotel room, where I could change… and de-stress. Next thing I know, I hear shoes were flying. I don’t even know! But my hairdresser was like, ‘I think you’re going to be interested in something that happened while you were onstage’. I was like, ‘What happened?’
“I was just like, ‘Oh, my God! I’m just sad I didn’t get a front row seat!’ That’s where the real show was!”

Cardi has yet to address the fight drama, but Nicki told fans she felt “humiliated” at the party during her Queen Radio show on Monday.

“The other night I was a part of something so mortifying, so humiliating to go through in front of upper echelon people… people who have their lives together,” she said. “I was mortified… I could not believe how humiliated I felt… how we – and I use the term ‘we’ loosely – made ourselves look.”

Shooting down reports suggesting she poked fun at her rival’s baby, Nicki added, “I would never discuss anyone’s child. It’s so sad for someone to pin that on me. I would never talk about anyone’s child or parenting… You know I didn’t say or never did talk about anyone’s child… I am not a clown, that’s clown s**t.”