Christina Hendricks still scared of night attacks after intruder alert


Former Mad Men star Christina Hendricks is still nervous about hanging out alone at night after a scary encounter with a wannabe intruder.

The actress plays a mum in new horror movie The Strangers: Prey At Night and admits the role, in which she has to fight for her family members’ lives when they fall prey to a gang of thugs, brought back some bad memories.

“I lived in a house in Los Angeles and on several occasions someone tried to break in,” she tells WENN. “Someone even sliced my screen window and stole my purse, took everything out of it and put the purse back.

“But there was one night I was there alone and you just know those sounds of your house, the click sound from the door is very loud. I was sitting there by myself watching TV and I just heard the ‘click, click’ of my gate outside the window. My heart just stopped and I stopped breathing and I muted the TV and I waited for the next sound.

“Then I saw the silhouette of a man’s face in the window just looking in at me, which was absolutely terrifying. And so I had the strangest reaction. I decided, like an ostrich, that if I hid in the closet and he couldn’t see me anymore that somehow I was safer! So I ran into the closet and called 911. But I think I scared him off as well. It scared the c**p out of me.”

Christina teamed up with Martin Henderson and young stars Bailee Madison and Lewis Pullman for the movie, which was inspired by 2008 horror hit The Strangers.