Christine Baranski preparing for secret movie musical

Actress Christine Baranski has been warming up her vocals in her laundry room to prepare for a new movie musical.
The Mamma Mia! star reveals she recently signed on for a top secret festive film, in which she will be required to sing, so she has been making use of the “great” acoustics in her basement to ensure she will be able to hit the high notes when the production begins.
“I am currently preparing for a musical and it’s not been announced so I can’t say anything… but it is yet another movie musical,” she shares. “I have to sing a lot but I’m now learning the music, and I don’t like to sing in my apartment because I feel embarrassed with the neighbours maybe hearing, so I go in the laundry room.
“I’ve sung Stephen Sondheim in my laundry room, (songs by fellow Broadway composer) Jerry Herman; I’ve sung ABBA…”
Although Christine isn’t allowed to name the project she is set to star in, she indicates her character will be rather wicked.
“I’m about to play another mean character. I do mean really well!” she laughs.
The actress previously took on the role of Cinderella’s evil stepmother in 2014 movie musical Into the Woods, based on the 1986 James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim Broadway hit of the same name, and she also portrayed a baddie in animated 2016 film Trolls.
Her penchant for tackling less-than-charming characters forced Christine to explain to her three grandchildren that the roles she plays onscreen are just for fun.
“I think they now realise I’m really a nice grandma, but… I have the best witch voice…!” she smiles. “My grandsons know it’s all pretend. I’m very careful to say to them, ‘This is the world of make-believe, and in the world of make-believe you can do anything’, and then you can say, ‘It’s over now’.”