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Christopher Nolan delayed new Batman film for Marion Cotillard

Cotillard struck up a friendship with Nolan while working on his blockbuster Inception and he hired her again for the superhero movie to star as the love interest of Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne/Batman character.

The French actress fell pregnant with her first child in 2010, right around the time Nolan’s cast and crew were due to begin filming, but the loyal moviemaker insists replacing the beauty was never an option.

Speaking to America’s Vogue magazine about the publication’s August (12) covergirl, Nolan reveals he pushed back the Oscar winner’s shooting schedule and vowed to “figure it out” so she could remain attached to the project.

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Once Cotillard gave birth to little Marcel in May, 2011, accommodating Nolan also made space for a small nursery on set so the new mum would be more comfortable with her son at work.

Nolan admits it was “amazing” to see the actress bounce back from her pregnancy to deliver a rousing performance and praises her as the ultimate “Superwoman”.

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