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Christopher Nolan emailed apology to Netflix boss over movie release comments

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan has personally apologised to Netflix boss Ted Sarandos for the way he publicly slammed the streaming service over its failure to support theatrical releases.
The Inception director is among those in the industry who do not approve of movies being rolled out on streaming services so soon after they hit cinemas, insisting the theatrical viewing experience needs to be protected.
In July (17), he singled out Netflix officials for having “a bizarre aversion to supporting theatrical films” and a “mindless policy of everything having to be simultaneously streamed and released,” and although Nolan stands by his comments, he wishes he had chosen his words more carefully.
He tells Variety he reached out to Netflix’s chief content officer, Sarandos, via email to share his sorrow over the way he had expressed his opinions, admitting he admires how the brand has completely changed the way people view home entertainment.
“I should have been more polite,” Nolan reflected. “I said what I believe, but I was undiplomatic in the way I expressed it.
“I wasn’t giving any context to the frankly revolutionary nature of what Netflix has done (for home entertainment). It’s extraordinary. They need appropriate respect for that, which I have.”
However, the moviemaker still feels strongly about keeping cinematic releases separate from other mediums.
“My entire adult life they have released straight-to-video films,” Nolan explained. “As a filmmaker, when I was starting out in the ’90s, your nightmare was the straight-to-video release. There’s nothing new about it – what’s different and new about it is selling it to Wall Street as innovation or disruption…”
“I view movies and television as different, and the conventional thinking right now is that they must converge and become the same thing,” he added. “A scenario in which movies and television become more similar elevates television but diminishes movies.”
Nolan’s remarks echo those of Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, who expressed a similar sentiment at the Cannes Film Festival in France earlier this year (17), which fuelled the ongoing debate over whether movies should be released on streaming platforms around the same time as they hit theatres, and whether such projects should be given awards consideration in Hollywood.

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