Christopher Nolan made a profit with Interstellar corn crop

Enterprising filmmaker Christopher Nolan turned a profit on the cornfield he had to create for scenes in his new movie Interstellar by selling off the crop after the shoot wrapped. The Dark Knight trilogy director turned to pal Zack Snyder for advice when he needed to create the perfect farm scene for his film, because the 300 moviemaker had managed the feat for his Man of Steel.
He tells The Hollywood Reporter, “I spent a lot of time with my designer in the early days talking about the corn and how it’s going to look. Luckily, Zack had grown a bunch of corn, so I said, ‘How much can you really grow practically?’ And they had done a couple hundred acres, so we looked into it.
“We found that where we wanted to build our farmhouse (was) really close to the mountains (outside) Calgary.”
And the corn turned out to be a money maker: “In the end, we got a pretty good crop, and we actually made money on this… because we didn’t destroy enough.”