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Christopher Plummer overly eager in new movie

Christopher Plummer thinks there’s too much of him in his latest film.
The veteran actor stars in Remember as Zev Gutman, an Auschwitz survivor suffering from dementia who with the help of a fellow survivor searches for the person to blame for the death of his family.
Zev is rarely off camera throughout the movie, and Christopher thinks the tale offers a unique approach to a topic which is still just as relevant today as it was decades ago.
“I think there was too much of me,” Christopher told Time magazine. “I was a little too eager and hungry to be in every scene.
“The curiosity (over the Holocaust) is still there, isn’t it? A dreaded attraction, but it draws people in. (But) it can be overdone, and I thought that this had a different angle to it – it wasn’t the story of Nazis and concentration camps.”
Christopher is no stranger to tackling the Nazis on screen, as he’s most famous for playing real life Austro-Hungarian Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music, who refused to give in to the opposition.
It was also a task for the 86-year-old getting into the mindset of a man forgetting his memories, as he admitted he had to go to “the idiot side of your brain” to be “beautifully helpless”.
“It had been very much on my mind because so many of my friends have Alzheimer’s,” he sighed. “It’s so sad, it’s just dreadful.”
Rather than just appealing to an older audience, Christopher hopes Remember – also starring Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris – will draw in the younger audience too who have little interest in the past.
“I think it’s a very good idea to show them, in an almost cruel way, that there was a very theatrical horror story going on in their past,” he added.

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