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Ciara: ‘Motherhood changed my perspective on love’

Being a mother has taught Ciara how to love honestly.
The Goodies star gave birth to son Future Zahir in 2014 and since welcoming her child with ex-fiance, rapper Future, the 30-year-old explains motherhood has given her a whole new perspective on life. Ciara insists her love for her son is what motivates her and has taught her to not sweat the small stuff.
“Motherhood, oh my gosh, it’s one of the best jobs in life,” she tells Hashtaglegend.com. “My family, my son and my husband, those are the things that keep me grounded and centred and there’s no better feeling than coming back and seeing him smile after a long day. You put him in a bath, you put him in bed, read a book, those moments are great to end the day and keep life in perspective because all your child wants from you is love. They don’t care about a lot of the things we care about anyway. Being a mom is part of what motivates me in my every day life…”
“It’s not just only my life I had to think about, but I have to think about his life too,” she adds. “Like I said, it keeps you grounded. That pure love, that instant love makes you realise a lot of things don’t matter. You don’t sweat the small stuff as much. Back in the day, before my child, I was such a perfectionist, you can put so much attention on some things but then you realise it really doesn’t matter tomorrow. I can see that now, and focus on things that really matter. You also understand love much better. It’s the greatest force, the greatest thing. Before this, I don’t think I understood love honestly, but now I’m better at love, better at loving, better at patience.”
Ciara tied the knot with American football star Russell Wilson in July (16) and the singer has been on cloud nine since the nuptials.
“I definitely can say it was two of the most perfect days in my life,” she says. “The day before and the day of the actual wedding was a special time. When we get married, we only get it once, you can’t repeat it. So, it was like, man, it’s over already?”
“It was honestly so beautiful and I really felt like I was in a fairy tale,” she adds. “It was everything I hoped for. Everything I could have hoped for, dreamed of, happened on that day. It was memorable. We spent two days with all the people that we love, your family and your close friends. I’m definitely still floating, it’s only three months ago and it’s crazy how time goes by.”

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