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Cleese opens up about new love

The Monty Python star endured a bitter divorce from third wife Alyce Faye Eichelberger last year (09), handing over $12 million (£8 million) in cash and assets as part of their settlement.

Cleese has since found love again with 39-year-old jewellery designer Wade, who he started dating at the end of 2009 – and the actor now wears a ring designed by Wade to show he is “serious” about their relationship.

He tells Britain’s Sunday Times Magazine, “She said, ‘How can I take you seriously?’ So I told her to design me a ring and I would wear it.”

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Asked how his new relationship differs from his three marriages, Cleese says, “In the past I was more ticking boxes, not having an immediate being-in-love thing…

“I laugh with Jenny in a way I haven’t since I was 10. It’s the utterly hopeless laughter of the 10 year old and it’s wonderful to have that back. Jenny is just getting over the final stages of a difficult divorce and I don’t think she is thinking beyond that now.”

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