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Clint Eastwood settles suit with furniture firm

The movie veteran filed suit against Evofurniture owners back in April (12), claiming they were marketing products using his name without permission.

Eastwood, who famously talked to an empty chair onstage at the recent Republican National Convention, was particularly upset by the company’s ‘Clint’ and ‘Eastwood’ ottoman and chair lines.

In documents filed in California, Eastwood accused the furniture makers of using his “name, identity and persona for the purpose of attracting attention to the infringing products”.

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The Dirty Harry star’s lawyers requested a permanent injunction against the sale of the chairs, plus damages.

The trademark battle has been rumbling on for six months, but on Monday (15Oct12), Eastwood and Evofurniture bosses came to an agreement in a bid to keep the feud out of court, and the parties informed a California judge that they had reached a settlement.

The details have not been made public.

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