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Clooney criticises New York cops for using mace on protesters

The Ocean’s Eleven star admits he’s yet to fully school himself on the ongoing Occupy Wall Street march in downtown Manhattan, where activists have been speaking out against corporate greed, but he’s dismayed by allegations of police force and their use of pepper spray.

He says, “I really do feel terrible because we’ve been on the road for so long (promoting new movie The Ides of March), that I haven’t quite been able to catch up with the whole thing.

“I’ve seen (on the news) women get maced in the face or something, which seems incredibly insane… but if it (the protest) is what it seems like it is, it’s sounding great. I’ve got to learn more about it.”

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Actors Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, and director Michael Moore have all made appearances at the rally in recent days to show their support for the movement.

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