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Clooney turns Italian town into ‘tourist Mecca’

Clooney put Laglio on the map in 2001 by purchasing a luxurious hideaway on the Lake Como shore to use as a retreat away from the Hollywood spotlight.

But he admits the quiet lakeside village transforms into a “Clooney Disneyland” when his fans invade every summer – and he regrets causing hassle for his neighbours.

He tells Britain’s OK! magazine, “My life over there takes me away from the circus aspects of being a celebrity and that’s a pleasant change for me. But unfortunately Laglio is turning into a bit of a tourist Mecca now and so I have to be a little more careful whenever I’m there.

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“It’s a very beautiful place to be. That hasn’t changed. But so gradually Laglio has become a kind of George Clooney Disneyland. The tourist traffic has been great for business but obviously it’s not so pleasant for people who live in the village and were used to a lot more peace and quiet than they have now in the summer.”

However, the actor still manages to escape autograph-seekers with the help of his Ocean’s Eleven co-star Brad Pitt and his partner Angelina Jolie.

Clooney quips, “Whenever I want, I can always stage a diversion and invite Brad and Angie and their 15 children to come over. Then I can sneak away to the other side of the lake by boat and do whatever I want.”

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