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Coen Bros: ‘George Clooney is great at playing an idiot’

The Coen brothers heaped praise on versatile movie star George Clooney and his ability to convincingly act the fool.
Joel and Ethan Coen worked with George on their third film together, Hail, Caesar! a movie he encouraged them to make. The brothers, have been writing and directing movies together for over three decades. Their latest offering is about a ’50s Hollywood fixer called Eddie (Josh Brolin), whose job is to keep actors’ scandals out of the public eye, including those of George’s character Baird Whitlock.
“George is like an old-style movie star,” Joel told Britain’s Time Out London magazine. “And we love it when he’s playing an idiot for us, which George is so great at. First of all, it’s difficult to do that unless you’re good, and George lets it all hang out there. He’s got no vanity when it comes to that stuff. But when we need you to believe he’s a movie star too. Not everyone can do that.”
George needed little convincing to star in the film. The Hollywood heartthrob was so keen for the duo to get the ball rolling after having worked with them on previous features including O Brother, Where Art Thou? that he nagged them for years.
As Hail, Caesar! addresses so many themes from the 50s era, especially the crazy side of moviemaking, it did make the Joel and Ethan question their own occupations.
“Why have we spent our entire lives in that vineyard? Yeah,” Joel mused when asked if shooting the film made him and his brother question why they’ve been in the industry for so long. “If you spend your life as a plumber or an academic or a politician, at the end of many decades of doing it, you’re going to look at it in a different way.”

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