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Connie Nielsen’s son received boxing lessons from Ann Wolfe

Actress Connie Nielsen’s young son walked away from the Wonder Woman shoot with new set of boxing skills after receiving a little training from top fighter Ann Wolfe.
Champion boxer Wolfe makes her acting debut in the comic book blockbuster as the crossbow-wielding Amazonian Artemis, featuring alongside Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta, and the Danish star’s 10-year-old boy Bryce, with Metallica rocker Lars Ulrich, was a frequent visitor on set.
Nielsen reveals Wolfe would often spend her time in between scenes teaching her son a few handy moves, and Connie is grateful to the sportswoman for further proving to Bryce how strong women can be, after he watched mum film action scenes with co-stars including Gal Gadot, who portrays Wonder Woman.
During a cast interview on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America, Connie recalled, “There was this one moment (on set) where I’m standing in the pit, and there’s Gal on one side and then there is Ann Wolfe, the eight-time world champion of boxing, she’s teaching my little son how to box, and I’m thinking, ‘My son is gonna grow up thinking that strong, amazing women are the best thing there is.'”
And director Patty Jenkins hopes both boys and girls emerge from movie theatres “inspired” to do good in their own lives after watching Wonder Woman.
“I’m a huge believer in the story of becoming a hero and the myth of superhero movies,” she shared. “I always have believed in it, so the idea of getting to share something with kids of the world and adults of the world of all kinds, the story of someone who wants to be the hero and takes a journey to becoming a real hero and what that is, is something that I think is beautiful, so I hope they have a great time, and I hope they love it and I hope they laugh, but I also hope they feel inspired to be a hero in their own life and learn love and thoughtfulness as well as strength. That’s Wonder Woman.”

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