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Cooper redeems himself with Frears in Tamara Drewe

Cooper plays a rock star in the new British comedy and admits he worked hard to impress Frears on set – because the pair previously fell out when The Queen filmmaker wouldn’t cast the actor.

Cooper tells Interview magazine, “I adored Stephen’s work for a long time, even though I had a very fractious relationship with him when I first met him. When he ushered me out the door immediately when I went to audition for something (he) told me to ‘b**ger off’.

“It was another movie and he said, ‘Nope, no, completely wrong, get out! You’ve got short cropped hair.’ What did he call me…? ‘You look butch.’ And he said, ‘This character’s got lovely, long, flowing, beautiful, curly hair!’ I had a big argument with him; I said, ‘I didn’t come all the way over here for you to just usher me out of the room! I can have long hair! I’m an actor; I have whatever hair you want me to have!’ I grabbed his computer and showed him lots of images – none of which were me with long hair. That was our first meeting.

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“I learned a lot about him in that moment, and actually (that is) what’s great about him. He’s completely unprepared to waste my time or his time. He knew I was wrong, therefore what was the point of carrying the meeting on? Which is why I like him. I started getting along really well with him and loved being directed by him.”

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