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Cooper reforms synth pop heavy metal act

The British actor plays brooding rock star Ben Sergeant in the film and he got a taste for performing again as he took to the stage at the 2009 End of The Road festival to shoot a concert scene with his fictitious punk band Swipe for the film.

That, and the chance to co-write the band’s songs with his brother Nathan, gave Cooper a hunger to get back into music.

He tells WENN, “I formed a band with my brother; Dagmar we were called. I was copying my brother. He was always in bands and I was always a bit jealous.

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“It was a mix of 80s synth and heavy metal. It was a terrible combination. The band wasn’t very successful but we’re getting back together. It was very fun to be part of a real band in Tamara Drewe.

“My brother wrote all the music for the band Swipe in the film. It was great to finally collaborate with him and write some music because it was important to feel that the band was very believable… It had to be real and catchy and I knew that my brother had been writing a lot of music, and he got songs together very quickly.

“To perform with him on stage in the film in front of an audience who were obligated to enjoy our music was very exciting.”

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