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Corey Haim’s mother threatens Corey Feldman with legal action

Corey Haim’s mother has threatened her late son’s actor pal Corey Feldman with legal action.
Haim died at the age of 38 on 10 March, 2010, due to a combination of heart problems, pneumonia and blood flow issues, and his The Lost Boys co-star Feldman has made a series of controversial claims to the media in the years since Haim’s death, suggesting he was a victim of sexual abuse as a Hollywood child star.
Judy Haim told TMZ.com the Goonies star is “spreading lies” about her son, and has now threatened to pursue legal action over his allegations.
She denied her son was abused, and said Feldman made up the claims “for a big paycheque”. Judy told the website she sent the actor a cease and desist letter back in July (16), ordering him to stop telling lies about her son.
Feldman’s rep told TMZ.com the actor has tried to be respectful of both Corey and Judy.

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