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Corey Haim’s mum insists rape allegations against Charlie Sheen are false

Tragic actor Corey Haim’s mother has shot down reports suggesting her late son was raped by Charlie Sheen when he was a teenager.
The actor’s lawyer has “categorically denied” the allegations made by former actor Dominick Brascia, who claims Haim told him he had anal sex with Sheen on the set of their 1986 coming-of-age drama Lucas – when he was just 13 – and now The Lost Boys star’s mum has insisted the National Enquirer story is inaccurate.
Judy Haim tells Entertainment Tonight she was with her son throughout the film shoot and she’s convinced Sheen did nothing wrong.
“My son never mentioned Charlie, we never talked about Charlie,” she tells the news outlet, revealing Haim would be stunned by the story is he was still alive: “If my son was here to hear all of this he would throw up.”
Judy admits the new rape allegations have deeply upset her because she’s still trying to cope with her son’s 2010 death: “I’m fed up… My heart can’t take it. I’m his mother, I’m mourning. My family is freaked out all the way to Israel. Corey’s best friends are freaking out. They’re going, ‘What the hell is he (Brascia) talking about?’
“They all know the truth because my son had a very big mouth. Every time he had an interview he told everybody what drugs he was on, what he was doing. We’ve never heard of Charlie, ever.”
And speaking directly to Sheen, she adds, “I don’t know you… All I know is that from my standpoint I’ve never heard my son mention anything about you. We never talked about you since Lucas.
“I feel bad because this is a big problem in Hollywood and all over the world. I hope it can be straightened out and I hope that the people that actually have done harm to others are going to be paying the price at the very end of the day.”

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