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Country star Joey Feek loses cancer fight at 40

Country singer Joey Feek has lost her battle with cancer at the age of 40.
The star, one half of country duo Joey + Rory, died on Friday (04Mar16) at her home in Alexandria, Indiana.
“My wife’s greatest dream came true today,” her bandmate and husband Rory Feek wrote on his blog, as he broke the news to fans online. “She is in Heaven. The cancer is gone. The pain has ceased. And all her tears are dry.”
Joey had been battling cervical cancer since 2014 and after relapsing last year (15), she learned her condition was terminal. She halted her medical treatments in October (15) and managed to hold on for more than four months as she spent one last Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year with her family, and also lived to see their daughter Indiana turn two on 17 February (16).
Rory admits the extra time with Joey was tough as she grew weaker and weaker, but he is thankful to have been granted the chance to make a few more memories with his wife.
“Though this is, and has been, a time of many tears of sorrow, it has also been a time of countless tears of joy,” he continued in Friday’s post. “There have been too many beautiful moments to count or even begin to share… But I try…”
Rory is now planning to return to the couple’s farm in Pottsville, Tennessee, where Joey will be laid to rest.
He concluded, “It’s hard for me to imagine being there without Joey, but at the same time… it is where she wants us to be. It’s where she will be… Joey will still be with us. Everywhere.”
The duo formed in 2008 and competed on TV competition Can You Duet in 2008, when they placed third. They subsequently landed a record deal with Sugar Hill Records, through which they released their debut album, The Life of a Song.
They went on to release six more studio projects, including Hymns That Are Important to Us, which made chart history in February (16) when Joey + Rory became the first act to top both the U.S. Christian and Country Albums charts since Alabama managed the feat in 2006 with Songs of Inspiration.

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