Cranston once investigated by cops over boss’ murder

The former Malcolm in the Middle star and his older brother Kyle grew up working odd jobs to make a living while trying to realise their acting dreams.

But after wishing their nasty boss would meet a grisly end, Daytona Beach cops investigating his subsequent murder were keen to question the pair over their links to his disappearance.

He explains, “We were down in Florida, for the winter, making as much money as we can in Daytona Beach and we worked at this place called Hawaiian Inn. And at the Hawaiian Inn there was a guy, he was the chef, (he was) the worst man in the world. His name was Peter Wong and no matter how nice you may have been to him, he hated you. He screamed at you…. (with) a cleaver in his hand.

“So the waiters (and I), we all used to sit around talking about how we would kill Peter Wong… So, then came the end of the season, it was spring, and my brother and I hop on our motorcycles and we take off up North.

“And right at that time, Peter went missing, but we didn’t know… He was found murdered. So the cops came to the Hawaiian Inn and said, ‘Is there anybody here who talked about killing Peter Wong?’ And everybody was like, ‘Ugh.’ Everybody talked about killing Peter Wong, that’s all we talked about. And they (the cops) go, ‘Well, is there anybody that’s not here anymore that talked about it?’ And they go, ‘The Cranston brothers took off on their motorcycles.’ And then apparently we heard they were looking for us.”