Crawl director wants to take fans back to Elm Street

Alexandre Aja, the director of hit new horror-thriller Crawl, wants to take film fans back to Elm Street for a new nightmare.
The Hills Have Eyes filmmaker is keen to bring serial killer Freddy Krueger back from the dead and revamp Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise for a new generation.
“A Nightmare on Elm Street would be amazing,” Aja tells CinePop. “One of my most traumatic experiences as a kid was watching A Nightmare on Elm Street. I would love to kind of explore that. This is a great world to explore.”
And he might be able to lure actor Robert Englund, who played Krueger in Craven’s classic horror movies, back to the big screen – he expressed interest in reprising the character when a reboot was rumoured last year (18).
“I might have one left in me,” he said.
Craven’s original Nightmare franchise began in 1984. There have since been eight more movies.
Meanwhile, Aja’s latest movie – about a woman trying to survive an alligator attack during a storm – opened in third place behind the latest Spider-Man sequel and Toy Story 4 at the U.S. box office on Sunday (14Jul19).