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Daldry filmed 9/11 scenes from featured office building

The director wanted his film to be as authentic as possible so he scouted for the exact location where office workers shot pictures of the planes flying into the World Trade Center.

He tells WENN, “The view from that office is exactly correct. That office was actually what you saw outside that window on the day and there were lots of photographic images from that office of that day.

“I didn’t want to make it up. I wanted a view that was real. Every time we went to that day, and what we refer to in the movie as the worst day, I was conscious of the choices I was making.”

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Daldry also scrapped the idea of filming Tom Hanks’ character talking to his wife, played by Sandra Bullock, shortly before his office in the Twin Towers collapsed around him.

The director adds, “We could’ve seen Tom Hanks on the end of that phonecall leaving messages from the tower and I just couldn’t stand that idea of seeing Tom Hanks in that context.”

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