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Dallas star Jared Martin dies

Dallas actor Jared Martin has died, aged 75.
Martin, who portrayed rodeo cowboy Steven ‘Dusty’ Farlow in the long-running soap opera, passed away on Wednesday (25May17) at his home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania following a battle with pancreatic cancer, his son Christian told The Hollywood Reporter.
He had a recurring role on Dallas from 1979 to 1991, where his character seduced Sue Ellen Ewing and served as a rival to J.R. Ewing, but was assumed dead following a plane crash in 1980. However, the character was brought back after becoming the viewers’ favourite culprit of the famous “Who shot J.R.?” storyline. Dusty had been left paralysed from the waist down from the plane accident, until he would eventually make a miraculous recovery and return to the rodeo circuit.
Martin was roommates with director Brian De Palma at Columbia University in New York and appeared his first feature Murder a la Mod and later film The Wedding Party. His other movie credits include Westworld, The Second Coming of Suzanne and The Lonely Lady.
On TV, he enjoyed starring roles on sci-fi series The Fantastic Journey and War of the Worlds and appearances on The Partridge Family, The Waltons, The Incredible Hulk, The Love Boat, and L.A. Law.
Last year (16), he co-directed the feature film The Congressman, starring Treat Williams, with screenwriter Robert Mrazek.
Martin, who was married three times, is also survived by his third wife Yu Wei, who he married in 2000.

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