Dallas stars caught out by Southfork guided tours

Actress Jordana Brewster admits she’d often be called to break-up guided tours so she could film a scene with Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe.

She explains, “The inside of the house is actually a museum and tours are being given and they see the house as if it were still in the 1970s or 1980s, so it’s kind of frozen in time.

“The whole first season they are just gawking at us as they’re walking by in the tour. They didn’t know who we were except they knew Jesse. When they saw Josh, Julie (Gonzalo) and I, they were like, ‘Who’s interrupting our tour?’

“If they caught sight of Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy or Larry Hagman the tours would just go crazy. People that have been to Southfork call themselves Forkies; kind of like Star Trek’s Trekkies (sic). It’s a whole subset of very die-hard fans.”