Daniel Day-Lewis Worried His Final Role is Too Unlikeable


Daniel Day-Lewis is fears his final film performance in Phantom Thread will leave a sour note as his character is so unlikeable.

The British star plays couturier Reynolds Woodcock in Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film, a role he’s confirmed will be his last as an actor.

The movie documents Reynolds’ bizarre obsession with routines and neatness and his controlling relationship with his muse and lover Alma, played by Luxembourg-born actress Vicky Krieps.

Despite receiving an Oscar nomination for the role, Daniel is worried that his performance has made the character seem an “absolute p**ck”.

“I’m only learning by speaking to people that apparently I’ve been playing an absolute p**ck in this film,” he said at a screening of the movie in Greece, according to the Irish Independent. “I’m really sorry to hear that because, who thinks of themselves in that way?”

Phantom Thread has earned near-universal acclaim from critics, but Daniel is not too bothered about his prospects of winning the Best Actor award at the 90th Academy Awards next month (Mar18), as he’d be happy if Gary Oldman won his first Oscar for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour.

“I’m perfectly happy to do the rounds and applaud Gary at every event I go to,” the 60-year-old revealed. “He has done fine work for many years and he’s been recognized for it now so I’m delighted for him.”

Movie fans were left shocked by the three-time Oscar winner’s decision to announce his retirement from acting last year (17), a move Daniel is still coming to terms with himself.

“I don’t fully understand it, but it came to me with a sense of conviction and so I chose to move forward in acceptance of that rather than struggling with it,” he said, before adding, “But I just feel it’s time to explore the world in a different way now.”