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Daniels’ bail offer for brother-in-law rejected

The Precious director offered up the sum to help his sister’s husband Henry Butler after he was accused of drug smuggling.

Butler was arrested in August (10) and accused of shipping large quantities of cocaine from Los Angeles to New York.

The moviemaker’s sister Leah Daniels-Butler was detained by police a month later (Sep10) on obstruction charges after allegedly attempting to sneak guns and cash out of the family home.

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Butler has been held in custody and Daniels attempted to win his freedom last week (ends10Oct10) by offering up a $1 million bail bond for his brother-in-law, but Federal Judge John Gleeson rejected the offer.

According to a court transcript, obtained by the New York Daily News, Butler’s defence lawyer Jason Russo told the judge, “I don’t know if the court is aware of who Mr. Daniels is. He was the producer and director of the movie Precious that won some awards over the last couple of years.”

While Judge Gleeson replied, “Oh, okay. No, I wasn’t. Now I am.”

But the plea failed to sway the official’s decision and he refused to grant Butler bail, citing the seriousness of the allegations against him.

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