Danny McBride felt claustrophobic in spacesuit on Alien: Covenant set


Danny McBride was freaking out on the set of Alien: Covenant while filming in astronaut suit.

The 40-year-old actor, who is best known for his comedic TV roles, has taken on a more serious character in Ridley Scott’s space horror flick opposite actress Katherine Waterston and Michael Fassbender. While he admits it was a thrilling experience filming in Australia, and to being impressed by the amount of effort director Ridley put into the project, Danny revealed there was a slight hiccup when it came to his space costume.

“It was incredible, was awesome, but what I’ve learned from making this film is that I am claustrophobic,” he said during an appearance on chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night (9May17). “I never thought that I was but you make a space movie and you start to figure that out.”

Danny explained how Ridley had told him they were using the very same suits astronauts wear to Mars, and the effect was all too lifelike for the Eastbound and Down star.

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“The moment they put a spacesuit on me and pulled the visor down and I was in it. Then the glass seals over my face and they’re like, ‘Pay attention to the fan – if the fan goes out you’re gonna lose consciousness.’,” he recalled. “And then I’m there just walking around, you can’t touch your face, you can’t get out of it and I’m having a mild freak out in there the whole time.”

Danny joked he used his fear in his performance and cinemagoers will see him “melting down and wanting an Xanax”.

His straight role will not just be a treat for his fans, but also for his parents, who The Pineapple Express star revealed have avoided his past efforts because of their bawdy themes.

“Being in this is totally a different deal, respect wise, for my parents – to them this is the first real movie I’ve been in. It’s the first time they’ve actually wanted to see something that I’m in the theatres, so it’s good,” he smiled.

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