Dave Chappelle surprises couple with tickets to his show after they fall victim to scam

Comedian Dave Chappelle came to the aid of a couple who were scammed with fake tickets to his show by providing them with seats to the gig.
Deidra Dickens and her husband, Eddie, purchased what they thought were tickets to his Charlotte, North Carolina stand-up set ahead on Thursday (14Feb19), transferring $500 (£380) to an online seller only to learn the vendor had made off with her money – and there were no tickets.
According to the local Charlotte station WBTV, she filed a police report, and when the star learned about the drama he surprised the couple by hand delivering passes to the show.
In a video posted by the network on Twitter, Chappelle can be seen walking up to the starstruck couple as they enjoy dinner together.
“Someone on my team called me, actually last night, and told me about this situation and we thought it’d be fun to do that for someone for Valentine’s Day,” Chappelle says in an interview with the station. “I didn’t expect to be on the news doing it but I’m glad, that’s good. It’s good that people know to always get your tickets from reliable sources and take every opportunity that’s presented to you to be kind, especially if it’s something that’s easy to do.”