Dave Grohl ‘ready to take a break’ after Foo Fighters tour


Dave Grohl is “ready to take a break” when the Foo Fighters wrap on their current tour.

The band have been promoting their 2017 album Concrete and Gold for over a year, with their latest jaunt finishing in St. Paul, Minnesota on Thursday night (18Oct18).

While the group loves being out on the road, frontman Dave has now admitted in an interview with Billboard that he’d like to have some time away from the tour bus after his next gig is done.

“It’s a challenge, you know? You kind of set these goals for yourself, to see if you can do it again, even when you’re crawling to the finish line you know that it’s there,” he explained. “So here we are at the last set of shows we’ve been on for a year and a half and I’m ready to take a break but I’m ready to do it again at some point.”

But Dave’s revelation doesn’t mean fans should be concerned that the group will be disappearing off the radar. The 49-year-old added that he’s already got a plan for the next album.

“When we start making records it’s almost like I don’t hear the song as much as I can see them, in my head,” he mused. “So, I don’t read music, I see music in kind of shapes and patterns, so I can see the next record, I know that there is another one there, I don’t know when but I think I know what we should do.

“We’ve been lucky, we’ve had this lightning rod that we’ve followed for f**king 24 years, or whatever and it takes us where we think we should go.”