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David Crosby brands Desert Trip festival a ‘scam’

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young rocker David Crosby has branded the upcoming Desert Trip rock festival a “scam”.
Organisers of the Coachella music festival reportedly spent $8.9 million (£7 million) to secure The Rolling Stones, The Who, and Paul McCartney for Desert Trip, a two-weekend event which has been described as the “greatest rock festival of all time” or “Oldchella”.
Crosby is reportedly not a fan of the event, which kicks off this weekend (08-09Oct16), dubbing it an expensive rip-off that has just been created to make money from merchandising and has criticised the artists, who will also be joined on the bill by Bob Dylan and Neil Young, calling them greedy, according to The Daily Mail.
The 75-year-old, who played at Woodstock with band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young in 1969 and was also a founder member of The Byrds, told the publication: “I think it’s a scam because all it is really is a parking lot, an empty field, a few acres of dust. You’re standing there for hours and hours. They sell you a bottle of water for $4.90. You can’t tell who’s onstage because they’re a pinprick – that’s why (Mick) Jagger waves a scarf around, man: he’s so far away you can’t tell it’s him.”
The event, which takes place at Indio’s Empire Polo Club, is expected to shatter box office records for organisers Goldenvoice as industry experts predict Desert Trip will gross $150 million (£117 million).
The best tickets reportedly cost around $1,661 (£1,300) to see the group of performers, with an average age of 72, reports the news outlet. But Crosby insists this doesn’t mean music fans will get value for money.
“The sound outdoors at that place is c**p. The situation is c**p,” ranted Crosby. “It’s a great story to be able to say: ‘I was there, I saw the Rolling Stones with Neil (Young) and everybody all at once’. But it’s a lousy concert. You could give me tickets and I wouldn’t go.”
However, despite Crosby’s firm stance, it seems a rather more old-fashioned emotion may be behind it. When asked if he would have joined the million dollar line-up, Crosby reportedly said: “If somebody had approached The Byrds, I would have wanted to do it.”

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