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David Crosby: ‘Jim Morrison was a poser’

Outspoken Crosby, Stills & Nash rocker David Crosby has never been a fan of late The Doors frontman Jim Morrison, insisting the late rock icon was a “poser.”
The 75-year-old never liked Morrison’s band and took aim at the frontman during an appearance on U.S. chat show Watch What Happens Live! on Wednesday (26Oct16).
“I think he was a poser,” he said. “I don’t think he was a really good poet and I think he spent entirely too much time being dramatic. I didn’t like that band and I kind of shaded that on to him. They never had a bass player, so they never swung.”
Crosby also revealed he had an interesting run-in with Morrison one night at the Whisky a Go Go venue in West Hollywood.
“One time when I became psychedelically enhanced and I was in the Whiskey a Go Go… and he walked up to me and snatched my shades off my face and said, ‘You can’t hide behind those shades…'” Crosby recalled.
The rock veteran also has strong opinions about rapper Kanye West.
He added, “He certainly can’t sing and he certainly can’t play (an instrument). The thing that bugs me about him is (he says), ‘I’m the world’s greatest living rock star’. Somebody should drive him over to Stevie Wonder’s house right now so that he understands what a real one is. Secondly, they should send him all of Ray Charles’ catalogue so he can learn how to sing.”
This isn’t the first time Crosby has blasted the Stronger rapper – last year (15), he was quizzed about West and his “impact as an artist” during a Twitter chat with his fans and an unimpressed Cosby replied, “He’s an idiot and a poser… has no talent at all.”

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